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How can StructuredWeb help your business? We've put together some ways that your peers are using StructuredWeb in the voice and data industry.

1. Project innovative with a progressive company image: Your business is one in which constant change is your reality. With a variety of communications technologies out there, it's important for you to project your expertise and to show your customers that you are as progressive as the products you represent.  StructuredWeb helps you communicate your abilities through a dynamic, visually enticing web site and professional customer communication.

2. Make your website "sticky": Don't make your prospects jump through hoops to find information. Rather than sending them off to a vendor's site for more info, you can easily include extensive catalog content on your website - always current, grouped any way you want. Create your own, or choose from our pre-packaged catalogs. With over 26 managed catalogs to choose from, you'll always have the content your customers are looking for.

3. Talk to your different customers, differently: Different customers have different concerns and different needs. Now you can proactively communicate with each of them through customer portals on your web site. Set up special areas for small business, vertical markets, or solution type. Post tips, whitepapers, the latest news and developments, and more.  Plus, tracking features let you respond immediately to web site visits, before your competitors do!

4. Communicate often, and on-target, with your customers: With fully trackable email marketing campaigns, you'll know exactly who is interested in your products, when they're looking, and which products they are looking at. Use this intelligence to conduct smarter, timelier follow up, and to target ongoing communications with your customers.

5. Effectively manage sales and marketing activities: Make it easier to manage campaigns, leads, contacts, activities and opportunities with a CRM system that is customized for the way you do business. With powerful functionality that's easy to use, your team can spend more time prospecting and educating your customers and less time on administrative tasks.

6. Distinguish your company from the growing competition for voice and data solutions: With so many product options available to companies and lots of competition for their business, it's critical to capture a prospect's attention. StructuredWeb can help you do that by enabling you to deliver the best presentation of your company. A website that is loaded with useful information will ensure that customers come back and stay on your site. Use your website to support the solutions you sell - put together examples. Educate customers on different technologies. Show them you're an expert in your field.

7. Break out of your physical territory and extend your reach through online sales: With an online ordering system, you no longer need to limit your business to local companies. Establish a professional online presence and attract regional, even national accounts. A powerful, yet simple online system levels the competition, enabling you to compete with larger businesses.

8. Improve your support services: Provide 24x7 online support to your customers. An interactive, online customer service program makes it easier and faster for customers to get the help they need, when they need it most.

9. Coordinate your online/offline marketing efforts: Use your online presence to drive and track all your offline activities. Send a directly mail piece that leads prospects to your website to download a free educational piece - that way, you'll know who responded and when. Plus you can begin to gauge the ROI on your marketing, enabling you to be more predictable and quantifiable in your sales and marketing efforts.

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