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Tired of sending out emails that don't elicit much response? Market research shows that email that is relevant to your customers will always get a better response, so you need to be smart about what you send. StructuredWeb helps you inform your customers about your products and services with intelligent online marketing campaigns. Low in cost, but high in effectiveness, savvy online marketing will directly improve your bottom line.

Smart tools enable you to leverage the power of the Internet to create unified, consistent and frequent communication to your customers. Easy to create online campaigns drive leads right to your website, with full tracking capabilities so you'll know who opened or clicked through on your messages. Plus, captured leads flow directly into sales with StructuredWeb's integrated CRM.

What you can do?

  • Create professional messages with point and click ease

  • Easily sort and group your contacts for custom campaigns

  • Deliver custom messages to contacts based on industry, size, business needs, and more

  • Circle back with past prospects

  • Drive customers directly to your site and online store, where you control the content they see

  • Track responses

  • Campaign creation, execution and management

  • Compare campaign results so you can refine future efforts

  • Capture leads and information and integrate it directly with your sales processes

  • Create visually enticing messages quickly and easily

  • Fully trackable email, who opened, linked, deleted your message

  • Scheduled distributions

  • Powerful analytics help you assess and adjust your campaigns

In a recent Jupiter Research Report, marketers who integrate Web analytics with their email marketing programs improved the results of targeted email campaigns

Customer Quote

"StructuredWeb provides a user-friendly product that allows us to easily communicate with our clients. The e-marketing tool lets us economically keep in touch with clients while our website provides an opportunity to reach new markets."

--Elizabeth Landon, Designer, Office Furniture Source

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