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When you personalize your relationship with your customers, you create more opportunities to deliver added value. Enhance the way you communicate with customers by sharing information easily and effortlessly through personal accounts. With StructuredWeb, you can create special customer accounts on your website that will improve communication with your customers and facilitate collaboration. Post custom content, pricing, terms, and more. Share large documents, proposals, and industry research with your customers, making your company a valuable resource, rather than just a supplier. You'll deliver information faster, resulting in a shorter, more efficient sales process. 

What you get?

  • Track customer account activity, so you know when they have reviewed your quote or downloaded information

  • Improve speed of information delivery to your customers

  • Give professional, personalized presentations directly from your site

  • Create resource areas for your accounts-for individual customers, or grouped by specific industries or interests

  • Manage content and share large documents with team members and customers
  • Create personalized area for customers

  • Post and exchange messages

  • Share files with an upload/download area

  • Display custom catalogs & quotes

  • Show complete order history

Customer Quote
During the first week we had our site up and running, we created a customer page for a potential client. We were able to showcase photos of our work, upload catalog pages with products we were quoting and create the unique image we wanted to leave with the customer. It was easy and we were able to do it ourselves in minutes. Additionally, we were able to track that our contact had visited the site, where they went, and how long they stayed

--Robert Angelicola, President, Roberts Office Interiors, Inc.

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