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Looking for a way to build better mind share with your dealers? Want to ensure greater consistency over their marketing efforts and provide them with the means to sell your products more effectively? StructuredWeb makes it easier for you to collaborate with your partners through an integrated suite of web-based software and services that will enhance your dealers' sales and marketing efforts.

Give your dealers innovative tools and technologies to more effectively sell your products, and they will. StructuredWeb helps them grow their business, which means that yours will grow, too.

Your business will benefit from StructuredWeb:

  • Build better mind share - with automatic, instant updates, your partners can focus less on administrative details and more on selling your solutions
  • Consistent branding and marketing messaging - with greater control over the content on partner sites and in their sales library, you'll ensure that dealers are uniform and up-to-date in their marketing message
  • Expand your reach and impact - your dealers are an extension of your business; get more presence on their websites and give them tools to help them effectively communicate with customers
  • Deliver information faster and at lower costs - an electronic system keeps dealers up-to-date
  • Manage information in the channel, easily - your administrator can update product, pricing or other information, and with just a click your partner sites are updated too!
  • Accelerate marketing campaigns - with fast updates to your partners about the latest initiatives, you can help them market and sell your products online with ease
  • Digital distribution network - our integrated framework and electronic process makes it simple to distribute information to your entire channel

Your dealers will benefit from StructuredWeb:

  • Save time in updating their websites with the latest catalog content
  • Provide extensive product information directly from their websites
  • Simplify Internet marketing - even Internet novices can easily use StructuredWeb to leverage the Web to educate, market and sell online
  • Improve sales and marketing processes to close more sales faster
  • Get more leads, more cost effectively
  • Communicate with prospects and customers more frequently, maintaining ownership of their customer while taking advantage of your marketing expertise and sales technology to promote your products.
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