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StructuredWeb is a leading provider of marketing, lead generation, and sales productivity services for the Dental Industry.  By combining state-of-the-art marketing and sales tools with creative services, and a strong knowledge of the industry, we serve some of the leading dental companies, helping them to:

  • Create a measurable, repeatable lead generation process
  • Create professional, interactive web sites to market and capture leads
  • Improve effectiveness of coop and trade advertisements
  • Use online product catalogs to showcase products, distribute samples, and capture lead information
  • Capture and distribute quality leads to sales team and distribution partners
  • Increase the productivity of sales team with CRM tools
  • Improve collaboration with distribution partners
  • Build and manage a marketing and sales database

As a dental marketer, you need a solution that goes beyond what traditional coop and trade advertising programs provide.  To accelerate sales, you need an integrated system to conduct targeted campaigns, track response, and contribute sales-ready leads to your pipeline.

Our unique interactive marketing lead generation system delivers a proven way to leverage the power of the internet to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and generate quality leads for your sales team and distribution partners.


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