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Online marketing isn't just about sending emails and hoping for a response. Although inexpensive to send, consumer inboxes are overflowing with mail. That's why it is so important to make your online efforts really count. When you create personalized, rich-media marketing messages and deliver them to distinct groups with targeted offers, your chances of making a sale grow exponentially. StructuredWeb can help you identify target markets, create marketing communications and execute direct campaigns such as email, ad words, and search engine marketing that will produce the best results.

What you get-
  • Effective and well-timed campaigns
  • Personalized, customized, targeted communications
  • Consistent messaging throughout all your marketing materials
  • Easily execute rich media email campaigns with fast turnaround
  • With fully trackable emails, evaluate campaigns so you can optimize and adjust to produce best results
  • Improve search engine marketing, ad words, and key word advertising
  • Drive all your marketing activities-online and offline- to online vehicles
  • Build a better database from your marketing efforts by integrating prospect and customer data directly into your business systems
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"There's no way I could recreate the effect that my StructuredWeb newsletters have on my customers. Plain old email text simply doesn't rise above the noise and grab my customers' attention."

--Linda Rumbarger, Marketing Manager, OfficeScapes * Scott Rice

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