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At StructuredWeb, we understand how important it is to make the best impression, especially in the image you project to your customers.

That impression is created from the interactions your customers have with you at various touch points throughout your relationship-through your website, marketing messages, sales materials, and the relationships you cultivate over time by providing quality communication and superior service.

Yet with growing competition for business and the fact that you probably wear many hats, it's hard to be everywhere at once. That's why it is so important that every contact with a customer is the best it can be.

StructuredWeb provides the infrastructure, content, visual online presence, sales process, marketing tools and know-how to market your dealership successfully. More than 500 office furniture dealers have chosen StructuredWeb's integrated web and marketing services to enhance their sales and marketing activities. 

We provide office furniture dealers with:

  • Web-based software and services to help you sell and market your office furniture products
  • Unlimited training and industry expertise so you maximize the use of StructuredWeb tools and services
  • Managed marketing programs to support vendor campaigns and initiatives¿developed in conjunction with and endorsed by your vendors

Working with StructuredWeb, you'll be able to:

  • Establish a professional online image through your website and marketing 
  • Guide prospects to your business through effective marketing
  • Conduct targeted, cost-effective communication with your customers, more often
  • Collect valuable customer data that will help you serve customers better
  • Manage your sales process more efficiently
  • Increase customer retention

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