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It's a cut-throat business, one that has many competitors. Your business is all about demand, delivery and timing. You've got to touch your customers often, and with the most relevant offers. You already know how to meet customer expectations, and now with StructuredWeb, you can make sure your prospects know it too.

StructuredWeb provides the infrastructure, content, online presence, sales process, marketing tools and know-how to market your office supplies dealership successfully, on-target and on-time.

If you're looking for ways to distinguish your business from larger, national retailers, StructuredWeb can help.  More than 350 office products dealers have chosen StructuredWeb's integrated web and marketing services to enhance their sales and marketing activities. 

We provide office supplies dealers with:

  • Web-based software and services to help you sell and market your numerous supplies, electronics, consumables, and furniture products as well as your service expertise
  • Unlimited training and industry expertise so you maximize the use of StructuredWeb tools and services
  • Managed marketing services to support vendor campaigns and initiatives-developed in conjunction with and endorsed by your vendors

Working with StructuredWeb, you'll be able to:

  • Add instant credibility to your business with a professional, well organized website
  • Use the Internet to market your business, even if you're not technically savvy
  • Showcase your different product lines and solutions for the way you do business
  • Market to different types of prospects, i.e. vertical markets
  • Coordinate and enhance traditional offline marketing efforts by sending them online
  • Gain easy access to a wealth of manufacturer marketing collateral
  • Conduct targeted communication with customers, more often
  • Collect valuable customer data to build, segment and profile your database
  • Manage your sales process more efficiently - profit from more predictable forecasts and opportunities
  • Track and measure your marketing activities through a centralized system
  • Make your sales team more productive with a streamlined process
  • Support your sales reps and your marketing efforts
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