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How can StructuredWeb help your business? We've put together some ways that your peers are using StructuredWeb.

1. Demonstrate reliability and expertise with a professional company image: In your business, it's important to make a good impression. That impression is formed from the expertise you convey and the breadth of services you offer.  StructuredWeb helps you communicate your abilities through a dynamic, visually enticing web site and professional customer communication.

2. Use your website to showcase all the different things you do: Use your website to showcase your services for the way you run your business. Create sections for different services you offer, or make your own custom solutions areas based on industry, customer type (small business, enterprise corporations, vertical markets,  etc.), services, and more.

3. Talk to different customers, differently: You serve a wide range of businesses, and different customers have different concerns and different needs. Now you can proactively communicate with each of them through your web site. You will gain instant credibility and convey considerable expertise with special areas for each of the services you provide.

4. Make your website 'sticky':
Don't make your prospects jump through hoops to find information. The better you educate them, the more they will trust working with you. 

5. Market your solutions and your expertise: You provide many different services to your clients and no doubt, you possess specific expertise in certain areas. A website that is loaded with useful information will ensure that customers come back and stay on your site. Use your website to support the services you sell. Put together examples of your services and educate them on the latest business news and trends. Convey your considerable expertise.

6. Improve sales productivity while prospecting: The Internet is the only marketing vehicle that can truly monitor your marketing efforts. With fully trackable email marketing, you'll know who opened or clicked through on your messages, and receive instant alerts for your sales reps. You will significantly improve productivity by focusing on prospects that respond to your campaigns.

7. Coordinate your online/offline marketing efforts: Use your online presence to drive and track all your offline marketing activities. Send a direct mail piece that leads prospects to your website to download a free educational piece-that way, you will know who responded and when. Plus, you can begin to gauge the ROI on your marketing, enabling you to be more predictable and quantifiable in your sales and marketing efforts.

8. Effectively manage sales and marketing activities: Make it easier to manage campaigns, leads, contacts, activities and opportunities with a CRM system that is customized for the way you do business. With powerful functionality that's easy to use, your team can spend more time prospecting and educating your customers and less time on administrative tasks.

9. Monitor progress of your sales and marketing programs: Create unified, consistent and frequent communication through an integrated system that tracks and monitors your activities from initial contact to every interaction throughout the customer relationship. Send frequent communications out via email with full tracking capabilities. With integrated sales and marketing metrics you'll gain valuable insight into what works and what doesn't, and who your best prospects are.

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