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Managed Catalogs

Fully managed catalog services enable you to keep the product information from leading vendors up-to-date automatically on your website. Say goodbye to tedious typing, cutting and pasting of product information from one place to another.

With StructuredWeb's integrated solution, you choose the brands and products you want to display on your site, and your resellers can view the products, prices, and information directly on your site. Change product content as often as you need to support your vendors' initiatives.

Managed catalog content includes high quality images, content, product specifications, features and benefits. Resellers can learn about the products and services from your vendors without ever having to leave your site. You'll become a valuable resource for your resellers, enabling them to come to a single place to get all the information they need rather than jumping to many different vendor sites to find what they're looking for.

Some managed catalogs available from StructuredWeb in the different industries we do business:

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