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Keep all your account information in a centralized database that everyone in your company can access, from anywhere at anytime.  With all contact and organization data in one central repository, it's easier to collaborate with other team members, and to see every customer interaction across the company-marketing campaign responses, sales inquiries, proposals, customer service requests and more. Plus, you'll develop a better understanding of your prospects that will help you form valuable, lasting relationships.

What you get?

  • Easily import and export contacts

  • Group and transfer contacts between sales reps when territories change or new reps come on board

  • Supplement contact profiles with additional data obtained from various customer touch points

  • Search and report on contacts by any criteria¿excellent for management presentations, mailings, product needs, etc.

  • Segment your database based upon your own profiling criteria

  • Manage access rights for security purposes
  • Quick or advanced search

  • Search on multiple criteria

  • Save searches for easy contact retrieval

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