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Investor Relations

FG II Ventures

FG II Ventures made the first private investment in StructuredWeb in early 1999. FG II is a private venture firm focused on equity investments and active involvement in private entrepreneurial companies.

FG II invests in early stage, private companies in various industries with a focus on Internet and technology. Founded in 1991, FG II has achieved an internal rate of return of over 140%. FG II seeks investment opportunities between $1 and $5 million and are active participants in subsequent rounds of financing, investing up to $10 million in any one deal. FG II invests in companies at various stages of development, from seed to later-stage financings, though they prefer earlier stage deals.

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The Argentum Group

The Argentum Group made its first investment in StructuredWeb in the summer of 2000. The Argentum Group is a New York-based venture capital firm dedicated to assisting outstanding entrepreneurs build industry-leading companies.

They serve as a general partner of four investment partnerships with total capital under management in excess of $280 million, of which about $100 million is available for future investments. The Argentum Group emphasizes the concept of partnership investing - developing strong partnerships with the management teams of portfolio companies and assuming equal responsibility for building equity value. Since their founding in 1988, they have invested in over 100 companies in a broad range of market sectors. They seek to invest in those industries experiencing rapid growth or undergoing fundamental change. They make early stage investments starting at $1 million to later stage investments of up to $10 million. A typical first round investment is $3 to 5 million

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Scripps Ventures

Scripps Ventures invested in StructuredWeb in the summer of 2000. Scripps Ventures, a venture fund created by The E.W. Scripps Company, finances early-stage Internet companies in well-defined consumer and business-to-business segments. Since its inception in 1996, Scripps Ventures has invested in over 30 companies.

The Scripps Ventures team is committed to seeing its portfolio companies succeed in the long term, they provide far more than funding. They work closely with entrepreneurs to refine market strategies, build exceptional management teams, and facilitate alliances that can be vital to a young company's growth. In doing so, Scripps Ventures call on deep operational experience, technology expertise, an extensive media background, and key contacts in a breadth of industries.

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Franklin Capital

Franklin Capital invested in StructuredWeb in the summer of 2000.

Franklin Capital is a business development corporation under the Investment Company Act of 1940. Franklin's objective is to achieve capital appreciation through long-term investments in businesses believed to have favorable growth potential. Franklin's recent focus has been in the Internet software, e-commerce and telecommunications sectors with a majority of the investment portfolio being invested in wireless telecommunications. As a BDC, Franklin provides managerial assistance to a majority of its portfolio companies; management believes that this is an important aspect of its activities. Franklin presently owns an interest in six companies and is continually looking at new investment opportunities

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iHatch.comTM LLC made a private investment in StructuredWeb in early 1999. IHatch.com is an incubator and an investor in digital businesses on the Web. The Company operates from its Executive NestTM in SunTrust Center in Orlando, Florida; and has a satellite office in Boston, MA. The Company is a member of the National Business Incubation Association. The Company and its Managing Members have investments presently in a number of digital businesses including coolsavings.com, Bungo.com, diningdeals.com, wirelessworldwide.com, excessbaggage.com and isnooz.com.

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Monroe & Company

Monroe & Company LLC, a merchant banking firm, made a private investment in StructuredWeb in early 1999 through Monroe Venture Group. Monroe Venture Group, invests in a portfolio of digital technology and Internet-centric companies focused on e-commerce, communications and infrastructure. Monroe Venture Group seeks to make direct minority investments in seed and early stage companies with the potential for considerable growth and fills the gap between undercapitalized angel investors and larger venture capital firms. The Company, whose members include James L. Monroe and Sean P. Spaulding, has also made recent seed stage investments in Bungo.com and Perceptive Network Technologies.


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