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About Structured Web

StructuredWeb helps small to mid-sized businesses acquire new customers, grow existing accounts and streamline sales and marketing operations by integrating web applications, marketing services and best practice business processes into a single service offering.  Focused on easy-to-implement, cost effective web-based solutions, smaller businesses can now leverage the power of the Internet to be more successful and productive, and to compete on par with larger business.

Through an integrated program that includes technology, services and education, StructuredWeb helps their customers manage their website, e-commerce, CRM and marketing.

Unlike other companies that develop generic CRM solutions, StructuredWeb provides targeted, customized software and services that are developed for specific vertical markets where the company has considerable expertise. That expertise continues to grow as new markets develop and mature.

StructuredWeb, headquartered in New York, NY, was founded in November 1998 and incorporated in February 1999. The company is closely held by a small number of owners and investors.


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